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St. Lawrence County Soil & Water
Conservation District
Annual Tree and Shrub Sale



Each year the Soil and Water Conservation District sells thousands of bare root stock trees and shrubs to the residents in St. Lawrence County to use for conservation purposes on their own land.  We sell a variety of speices with the hopes of having something for everyone.

This annual program is run in the spring each year and helps to keep the SWCD in business. There are various species of Evergreens, Hardwoods, and Wildlife Trees & Shrubs for sale. The trees are 1-2 year old bare-root seedlings that range, depending on the specie, from 4” to 36” tall. Transplants (up to 4 years old) may be available depending on species. Also sold are wildflower seeds, tree protectors, and tree plantation signs. All items are low cost and of good quality rated for hardiness in our area. Trees are generally sold from end of January until the middle of March with pick up being in the middle of April.

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