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St. Lawrence County
Soil and Water Conservation District

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

The St. Lawrence County SWCD has been helping concerned landowners care for their natural resources since 1957
Mission: The function of the SWCD is to represent the county in obtaining technical, financial, and education resources from federal, state, and other sources and coordinate them to meet local needs in natural resource conservation, management, and development.
Confidentiality Statement: As the District is a non-regulatory agency, the information shared with the District will be kept confidential and used only for planning purposes.  Currently, information collected through grant programs and requested by other agencies is given to them using a number classification system, not by using names.
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The District is accepting applications for funds available to producers to help them with costs associated with engineering/designs for environmental practices on their farms. The maximum amount per producer is $5,000.00. Designs must meet NRCS standard and specs.

Applications (link to application) are due by August 13, September 17, October 15, and November 12, 2018. There is a limited amount of monies available and once all of the monies are allocated we will not be able to accept any new applications. For additional information, please contact the District’s office at (315) 386-3582. 



 An Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer

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