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Listings of Properties

The 2021 St. Lawrence County Foreclosure Auction is scheduled to be held online this year.  The Auction is scheduled to start on September 11, 2021 with bids starting and to close on September 25, 2021 at 10:00 am

For more information regarding the upcoming foreclosure auction, please visit the Auctions International website listed below:







In order to access the files availabe on this listing, you will need the Adobe (TM) Acorbat Reader to view and print files. If you do not have Adobe (TM) Acrobat Reader, you may download the program free from:

The Adobe Systems Incorporated Web Site

Please be aware that property owners are allowed to pay back taxes and redeem their properties up to 30 days before the auction; therefore, a parcel listed on this Web site may not be available for sale on the day of the auction. Where possible, all parcels that have been removed from the sale will be noted on this Web site.