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St. Lawrence County Public Health Department

Immunization Program


St. Lawrence County Public Health Immunization Clinics


CALL FOR APPOINTMENT AT (315) 386-2325 [9:00-3:30pm]

Clinics are usually held every Wednesday at the Human Services Center in Canton.

Private Insurance billing available. Any fees and co-pays are expected at time of immunization. We are now able to bill a variety of insurance companies and Medicare Part D plans. Please see our Vaccine Price List for more information. 


Children and Adults Immunization Program

International Travel Clinic (First Wednesday of the Month)



Immunization Program
Vaccines are among the 20th century's most successful and cost-effective public health tools for preventing disease and death. Thanks to immunizations, diseases like polio that were once common, are now only distant memories for most Americans. Today, there are few visible reminders of the suffering, injuries, and deaths caused by diseases that are now prevented with vaccines. At present, there are vaccines available to protect children and adults against at least fifteen (15) life-threatening or crippling diseases.

Immunizations are for people of all ages. From newborns to senior citizens, timely immunizations are one of the most important ways for people to protect themselves and others from serious diseases. Adults need to make certain they have received all of their childhood vaccinations and stay up-to-date with the vaccinations that are recommended for adults. All college students attending school in New York State are required to be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella. It is also recommended that first year college students living in dormitories be immunized against meningitis. Travelers to foreign countries may need additional vaccines where diseases exist that are not common in the U.S., such as typhoid fever and yellow fever.

Program Goals

This program ensures that all children and adults receive the vaccines they need in order to reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases. The program assures:

  • All children have access to vaccines;
  • Health care providers are aware of immunization standards of practice;

  • The latest recommendations on new vaccines are available to providers; and

  • Providers and the public have up-to-date answers to vaccine questions.

Call for an Appointment - (315) 386-2325

Vaccines: Our best defense:

Getting vaccinated is an easy way to stay healthy all year round. Take the time to make sure that you and your loved ones have received all of the vaccinations you need. By making sure your vaccinations are up to date, you can help prevent harmful diseases from affecting you and your family.



Important Immunization Information Links

*NOTICE: New Regulation regarding VFC program:
Effective October 1, 2012
New York State Department of Health has a new policy that if you have private health insurance you are no longer eligible to receive free vaccinations.

New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS)
The New York State legislature passed the Immunization Registry Law which, as of January 1, 2008, requires health care providers to report all immunizations administered to persons less than 19 years of age, NYSIIS is a privcacy secure web-based Immunization information registry. The goal of the immunization information system is to establish a complete, accurate, secure, real-time immunization medical record  for everyone.

Zostavax (Shingles)
Must be at least 60 years of age (50 -59 year olds must have authorization from healthcare provider.) Medicare Part D plans and some other insurances billing available.


Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information***

7 through 10 years

Tdap is recommended for children ages 7 through 10 years who are not fully vaccinated against pertussis.

11 through 18 years Tdap is routinely recommended as a single dose for those 11 through 18 years of age with preferred administration at 11 through 12 years of age.
19 years and older Any adult 19 years of age and older who has not received a dose of Tdap should get one as soon as feasible – to protect themselves and infants. This Tdap booster dose can replace one of the 10-year Td booster doses. Tdap can be administered regardless of interval since the previous Td dose.
Pregnant women Pregnant women should get a dose of Tdap during each pregnancy, preferably at 27 through 36 weeks gestation. By getting Tdap during pregnancy, maternal pertussis antibodies transfer to the newborn, likely providing protection against pertussis in early life, before the baby starts getting DTaP vaccines. Tdap will also help protect the mother at time of delivery, making her less likely to transmit pertussis to her infant. It is important that all family members and caregivers of the infant are up-to-date with their pertussis vaccines (DTaP or Tdap, depending on age) before coming into close contact with the infant.


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