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Archived Health Notifications

Notifications are archived after a year




11/27/2019: National Influenza Week 

11/15/19: Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips 

10/18/19: National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 

9/23/19: Preptember: The Readiest Time of the Year

9/20/19: SLC Board of Health Issues Advisory on Vaping & E-Cigarette Use

8/22/19: Avoid Algae Blooms on Black Lake

8/6/19: National Immunization Awareness Month

7/1/19: Tips to Prevent Drownings

6/20/19: Sun Safety

5/15/19: Tick Prevention 

4/24/19: National Infant Immunization Week 

4/10/19: Take Preventive Actions to Fight the Flu 

3/29/19: National Public Health Week 

3/18/19: National Nutrition Month

2/22/19: Flu Cases on the Rise 

2/19/19: Heart Disease Awareness Month

1/25/19: Walk with a Doc 2019 Schedule

1/16/19: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month


1/25/18- OHCC on Carbon Monoxide Precaution

2/9/18- NY Governor Executive Order Expanding Access to Immunize Children Against Seasonal Influenza

2/20/18- Ogdensburg Intra-City Shuttle with stops at the Community Health Center

5/23/18- Tick Education Press Release

6/8/18- "Walk with a Doc" Program Startup News Release

7/19/18- Sun Safety Press Release

8/10/18- Avoid Algae Blooms on Black Lake 

8/23/18- Found a Bat in your Home? Here's what do: Press Release

9/24/18- September is Emergency Preparedness Month- Press Release

10/18/18- Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Press Release

11/14/18- Diabetes Awareness Month Press Release 

11/28/18 - National Influenza Vaccination Week Press Release


2/16/17- Free Lead Testing Pilot Program

2/13/17- Rabid Raccoon Identified in Gouverneur

3/28/17- Blood Drive on April 17 11-4pm

3/7/17- Rabid Fox Identified in Fine

5/13/17- Blood Drive on June 21 11-4pm

8/30/17 - Avoid Algae Blooms on Black Lake 

9/8/17- West Nile Virus Identified in Stockholm Alpaca

10/06/17- West Nile Virus Identified in Massena Horse 


9/12/16- West Nile Virus Identified in Lisbon Horse

9/26/16- Rabid Raccoon Identified in Gouverneur

10/24/16- National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

12/5/2016- Early Intervention Service Provider Posting