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EMC Notes Problems With Burying Plastics

As part of Plastics Disposal Week, the Environmental Management Council reminds county residents that plastics should not be buried or stored around our own property because plastics are valuable, reusable materials that frequently can be recycled.  Plastics that cannot be reused or recycled should either be avoided altogether or disposed at certified landfills.

We know all too well that improper disposal of plastics can be a problem.  Plastic six-pack rings and old fishing lines that pollute lakes and rivers can kill fish and birds.  Even when buried plastics are not an obvious eyesore, they are only hidden.  Farming equipment can be damaged by buried plastics; hazardous residues on buried plastics can contaminate ground water.

Recycling the plastics that we use can preserve valuable resources that improve our economy and well being.  When plastics are non-recyclable they should be taken to county transfer stations for burial at a certified landfill.  Even when a charge is required to dispose of waste plastics, plastics are so light that disposal charges are minimal, especially compared to the potential problems and expenses associated with improper disposal.  Proper disposal of plastics is an inexpensive, yet valuable, investment in the future.  Take your waste plastics to a transfer site because:

It’s Easy, It’s Cheap, and It’s Being a Good Neighbor!

 “EMC - Everybody Must Care!”

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