Map for All Seasons

St. Lawrence County is the largest county in New York State in terms of area.  There are small, local maps that describe certain natural and recreational features, but an overall guide for the County as a whole has only been occasionally available.  This is the niche that the Map For All Seasons was designed to fill.  Visitors or residents can consult the map, find out what they want to do and then, if necessary, obtain more detailed information on specific sites.  The map is visually pleasing, clear and easy to use.  It promotes an awareness and appreciation for the abundant natural resources found in the County. 

The map was created by EMC staff with involvement of EMC and County Planning Board (CPB) members, who validated information for each municipality in the County, wrote selected sections and proofread the draft.

County Trail Guide

St. Lawrence County boasts a number of beautiful trails for public use and enjoyment.  they are available for snowmobiling, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.  The County Trail Guide has been compiled in order to bring these trails to the attention of the public and to facilitate greater use of the lesser known accessible trails found on state and county owned lands.  

The St. Lawrence County Trail Guide has been published and revised several times, with support from the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce , St. Lawrence Adirondack Audubon Society and the St. Lawrence County Youth Bureau.  
This revised on-line version of the County Trail Guide is a product of the St. Lawrence County Youth Bureau and the St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council .  Special thanks for this on-line version go to Katie Maloney, a student at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY.  Katie, who graduated in 2003, revised many of the maps, created several new maps, and formatted the County Trail Guide for publication on the Internet.   Thanks a lot, Katie, for all your hard work!

Stone Valley Cooperative Recreational Area

This is a very scenic hiking area along the Raquette River between Colton and Hannawa Falls.

Click here for the map.


Index of Maps

Project Referral Maps

When does a land use project need to be referred to the County Planning Board for review?  Land use projects must be referred to the County when a parcel boundary is within 500’ of:

1) A county, village or town boundary

2) Existing or proposed county or state park or other recreation area

3) Existing or proposed county or state road or right of way

4) Existing or proposed right of way of any county stream or drainage channel

5) County or state owned land that contains a public facility; or

6) The boundary of a farm operation in an agricultural district.

Project referral maps
are listed by municipalities with land use regulations in place.  They depict a 500’ buffer around features that trigger a referral to the County Planning Board for review.  Larger, 34” x 44” posters of these maps are also available for a nominal fee.  Contact the Planning Office at 379-2292 if you are interested in ordering a larger map.

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