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Broadband Internet Access Mapping

A goal of the St. Lawrence County Information Technology Committee, Chaired by District 7 Legislator Laura Perry, is to map broadband (Internet) access.   The Committee started progress toward this goal by mapping Verizon DSL and Time Warner “Roadrunner” service availability.

A preliminary map was made in November 2007 by randomly generating a list of 850 real property parcels that have been coded as “residential”, determining the phone numbers for as many of these parcels as possible and entering each phone number into either the Verizon or Time Warner websites.

The results from this procedure generated responses as follows:

  1. Broadband service was definitely available;
  2. broadband service was not yet available and
  3. the service providers could not state whether or not broadband service was available.

The staff of the Planning Office would be pleased to obtain information that refines this map, which should be regarded as a “rough first cut”.   Eventually, wireless broadband access (when the data is available) will be superimposed over this map in order to better describe affordable broadband access options, identify underserved areas and plan for steps to reach the goal of affordable “universal” broadband access throughout the County.

An updated map made in March 2009 shows reported areas of broadband Internet availability by technology type, ibncluding cable-access, DSL access; satellite access and wireless access.

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