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Canton, New York 13617

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Donald R. Chambers, Director


St. Lawrence County Department of Highways

Operational Overview


Department of Highways 105 Employees
Administration 6 Employees
Engineering 5 Employees 
Maintenance Areas 50 Employees 
Bridge Construction Crews 16 Employees 
Machinery Shop 18 Employees
Sign Shop 10 Employees

Road Mileage

Total Area of County
32 Towns
13 Villages
1 City (Ogdensburg)
2862 Sq.  Miles 
Town Highways 1845.95 
County Highways 573.43
Village/City Streets 183.28
State Highways 517.46
Total 3120.12

Road Data

575 Miles of County Roads 
100% are paved or concrete. 
56% are wider than 22’ 
41% are between 18’-22’ 
3% are less than 18’ wide. 
33% of mileage has traffic counts over 1000 Vehicles per Day 
42% of mileage has traffic counts between 500-1000 Vehicles per Day 
19% of mileage has traffic counts under 500 Vehicles per Day

Bridge Data 

203 bridges over 20’ in length 
112 on Town roads (1 closed) 
91 on Country roads (2 closed) 
55 bridges are longer than 100’ (26%) 
Longest bridge is 773’ 
73 bridges are over 50 years old (36%)-Average age 45 years old 
Oldest bridge is 129 years old, 12 over 100 years, 53 (26%) over 75 years 
18 bridges are posted (9%), 78 are commercial load restricted (38%) 
96 bridges have a NYS condition rating less that 5.0 (47% deficient) 
117 bridges have traffic counts over 250 (58%) 

Construction and Maintenance 

Construction and maintenance performed by County crews includes all road and bridge construction, painting, blasting, paving, striping & signing, excavation, forms, concrete, patching tree work etc. 
Examples of work by contract include roadside mowing, and pavement grinding 
Administration and inspection of locally administered Federal Aid Projects 
In-House design of roadways & bridges, oversight of consultant designed bridges. 

Winter Maintenance 

Average snowfall: 61” at Ogdensburg- 133” at Wanakena 
Average January Temperature: +17°F 
139.26 miles of County highways plowed by County 
437.07 miles of County highways plowed by Towns 
50.86 miles of State highways plowed by County 
113.31 miles of State highways plowed by Towns and Villages 
County plows operate out of the County Highway Shop.  Facilities in Madrid, Potsdam & Russell. 

Roadside Mowing 

Average Growing Season: 153 days at Ogdensburg-103 days at Wanakena 
24.44 centerline miles by contract with 3 towns 
551.89 centerline miles by County (mowing is done continuously) 

Highway Department Buildings 

Main facilities are located in Canton, NY:  Office Building, Machinery Shop, Sign Shop & Bridge Shop. 
Maintenance areas operate out of satellite offices that provide a place for workers, some equipment, and material storage capabilities. 
Facilities are operated and maintained by Highway Department personnel.

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