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Construction Projects

2021 Bridge/Large Culvert Construction

  • Depot Street Bridge reconstruction, Town of Brasher.  Scheduled to be completed by end of November.
  • Brown's Bridge rehabilitation, Town of Pierrepont.  Scheduled to be completed by end of October.
  • Bridge Preservation Project
    • CR27 Bridge in Degrasse, Town of Russell.  Closure currently scheduled from end of July through October.
    • Island Branch Road Bridge, Town of Fowler.  Closure currently mid-August through October.
  • Jones Road Bridge, Town of Parishville.  Currently closed, scheduled to be open mid-October


2021 Tentative Road/Paving Construction

  • CR3, CR6 to Chippewa Creek, 2.15 miles, Town of Hammond
  • CR6, SR12 to SR12 near Chippewa Bay, .60 miles, Town of Hammond
  • CR6, CR4 west 1.5 miles, Town of Oswegatchie
  • CR10, Heuvelton village limits to Town Line Road, 1.5 miles, Town of Oswegatchie
  • CR8, SR 58 west 1.5 miles, Town of Macomb
  • CR10, Macomb/Depeyster town line east 1.10 Miles, Town of Depeyster
  • CR11, Gouverneur/DeKalb town line north 2.29 miles, Town of DeKalb
  • CR19, CR13 to Morraw Road, 1.93 miles, Town of Hermon
  • CR20, CR19 to Orebed Road, 1.59 miles, Town of Hermon
  • CR24, CR27 to Selleck Road, 1.16 miles, Town of Pierrepont
  • CR26, 1.28 miles, Town of Pitcairn
  • CR27, CR10 to Cold Spring Road, 2.24 miles, Town of Lisbon
  • CR28, CR31 west 1.8 miles, Town of Lisbon
  • CR 38, Plum Brook to Brothers Road, 1.50 miles, Town of Norfolk
  • CR39, CR36 (SE) north to bridge, 1.20 miles, Town of Louisville
  • CR44, CR14 to Hardscrabble Road, 2.56 miles, Town of Waddington
  • CR46, CR37 east 1.5 miles, Town of Massena
  • CR48, just past village limits 1.5 miles towards Knapps Station, Town of Stockholm
  • CR50, SR11C to Cemetery Road, .50 miles, Town of Brasher
  • CR51, CR49 to Denton Road, 1.68 miles, Town of Lawrence
  • CR61, .93 miles, Town of Fine (Wanakena)
  • CR62, 2.36 miles, Town of Piercefield