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Central Dispatch

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Lawrence County Emergency Services Central Dispatch is:

  • To provide timely and appropriate responses to requests for public safety assistance throughout St. Lawrence County
  • To provide efficient and cost effective communications support for public safety agencies and citizens in St. Lawrence County
  • To facilitate the development of highly trained, proficient, dedicated, and self-motivated personnel
  • To constantly strive to improve the performance of personnel and our quality of service to our community


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Our Staff

Matthew Denner
Jonathan Mitchell
Deputy Director
Tammy Labrake
Administrative Assistant
James Chestnut
Supervisor of Dispatch Operations, #6802
Jacquelyn Brown
Senior Dispatcher, #6809
Tammy Sapp
Senior Dispatcher, #6811
Nicole Bodway
Senior Dispatcher, #6821
Jarred Dailey
Dispatcher, #6804
Susan Trombley
Dispatcher, #6805
Andrew Barr
Dispatcher, #6807
Scott Niles
Dispatcher, #6808
Carrie Bryant
Dispatcher, #6812
Brittany Gilbo
Dispatcher, #6817
Kelly Mayette
Dispatcher, #6820
Dominick Sassone
Dispatcher, #6823
Michael LeClair
Dispatcher, #6824
Charles Lamica
Dispatcher, #6826
Mackenzie Barse
Dispatcher, #6829
Bradley Francis
Dispatcher, #6830
Joseph Goliber
Dispatcher, #6832
Colin Myers
Dispatcher, #6833