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Building #8
48 Court Street
Canton, New York 13617

Ph: 315-379-2240
Fx: 315-379-0681

Contacts:  Matthew Denner, Director/Fire Coordinator  mdenner@stlawco.org

Jonathan Mitchell, Deputy Director/EMS Coordinator jmitchell@stlawco.org

James Chestnut, Supervisor of Dispatch Operations jchestnut@stlawco.org

Tammy LaBrake, Administrative Assistant tlabrake@stlawco.org


St. Lawrence County Emergency Services

Pursuant to St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators Resolution 144-81, the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board was created. This Board acts in an advisory manner providing relevant information concerning issues surrounding emergency services in St. Lawrence County. In 1995, the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators passed Resolution 225-95, which changed the name from the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council to the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board.

Membership shall include not more than twenty (20) members which must be nominated through rescue squads, hospital administration, nurses’ organizations, doctors, private citizens or individual Legislator and will be appointed by the Board of Legislators. The following list must be adequately fulfilled to represent a cross section of St. Lawrence County; one (1) hospital administrator, one (1) registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, one (1) medical doctor, two (2) consumers, ten (10) rescue squad representatives, one (1) law enforcement representative, four (4) at large representatives, the EMS Coordinator, or appropriate deputy coordinator, and a representative from the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators.

Term: Three years.



CATEGORY    NAME AND ADDRESS                                              HOME #                  OFFICE #                 


      R                   Ann Smith, 6084 CR 10, Ogdensburg, NY  13669       454-2606 


      X                   Nicholas Wildey, 3728 CR 14, Madrid, NY  13660                    


      N                   Carol Muench, 2813 CR 49, Winthrop, NY 13697       384-3121                                                   


      R                   Aaron Johnson, 12 East Hill Rd., S. Colton, NY 13687 729-6379




      X                   David Sherman, 21043 Weaver Rd., Watertown,           955-3564                    788-8105 X 241      

                            NY  13601


       R                   Donald Thompson, 6149 CR 27, Canton, NY 13617      386-4653                   386-7973


       M                  Ryan Coates, MD          


        R                  James Barr, 805 Mechanic St., Ogdensburg, NY  13669 323-5838                  261-5903




        A                  Julianne Sciorra, CHMC, 214 King St., Ogdensburg,     393-7976                   713-5187

                              NY  13669


         R                  James Blackburn, PO Box 271, Rensselaer Falls, NY     854-4855             642-0125 X18110       


         L                  Kevin Wells, Sheriff, 48 Court St., Canton, NY 13617                                    379-2365  


         R                 Mark Deavers, 3696 CR 17, Dekalb Junction, NY         783-7199                  287-1321X221       





         C                 Phyllis McDougall,  PO Box 204, Madrid, NY 13660   322-5682                  353-2095   


         R                 R. Storm Cilley, 933 Elizabeth St., Ogdensburg,           393-1700                  393-0900 

                             NY 13669


         R                 Richard McDougall, PO Box 204, Madrid, NY 13660  322-5682                 265-9300 




         A                 Tammy Sykes, CPH, 50 Leroy St., Potsdam, NY  13676                               265-3300  X1000


         X                  Christopher Velez, 1034 Pond Rd., Hermon, NY  13652                               877-7704  




         A                  Jay Moore, Gouv Hosp., 316 Gouverneur St.,                                               323-9069                               Morristown, NY  13664


          A                  Chelsea Snyder-Dennis, Clifton-Fine Hosp., 420 CR 47, Pots  250-9955     848-4262


                              Rita Curran, Bd. of Legislators, Canton, NY                386-5228     


  R - Rescue Squad          C - Consumer          A - Administrator
  L - Law Enforcement      M - Medical Prof.     X - At Large Representative
  N - Nursing Profession



Minutes of Meetings
January 26, 2010   











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