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The mission of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to foster a healthy and productive County workforce. The EAP carries out this mission by ensuring that all employees have access to referrals for mental, physical, emotional, and other personal issue assistance through EAP activities and services: annual EAP Health Fair, confidential phone line, workshop, trainings, and newsletter.

The EAP for St. Lawrence County is made possible by the generous support of the CSEA Unit 8400 and the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators.

Employee Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can an EAP Coordinator help me?

     A. Your EAP Coordinator provides confidential information and referrals to help you resolve issues that affect your personal life and/or your job performance

Q. How much do EAP services cost?

     A. There is no charge to speak to an EAP Coordinator.

Q. How does someone know that he/she is in need of EAP assistance?

     A. You or your family members may experience personal difficulties that may seriously affect your life.  If these difficulties go unresolved for a period of time, they are likely to impair your ability to cope as effectively at home and on the job.  Because of this, your EAP encourages you to seek help early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand and creating greater problems.  Your EAP knows that what goes on at home affects your job and what goes on at work affects your family.

Q. Is my visit with the EAP Coordinator confidential?

     A. Any contact with the EAP Coordinator is treated confidentially.  In no way is an individual's involvement in this program reflected in the personnel record.  Confidentiality is paramount.

Q. Will participation in the EAP jeopardize my job, especially an opportunity to be promoted?

     A. No.  Employees will not be penalized for participation.

Q. When does a supervisor refer to EAP?

      A. With job performance problems: The supervisor may use EAP as a management tool and suggest use of the EAP as a resource.  It is well known that personal problems may affects one's ability to do his/her job.  Without performance problems: It is not uncommon for a supervisor concerned about an employee's well being to refer him/her to EAP for support guidance.  A supervisor may call the EAP to find out how to refer a staff member.

Q. What is the most common type of referral to EAP?

     A. Self-referral is the most common.  An employee may call, identify a problem or resource he/she needs, and request assistance.  Participation in EAP is voluntary.

Q. Are EAP appointments and client information stored in a computer system?

     A. NO.  Due to the confidential nature of the program, client information and requests are not stored on a computer system, and there are no records kept by EAP.

Q. Do managerial or supervisory personnel make use of the EAP?

     A. Yes, as we know life stresses and strains affect us all.

Q. How many times may I contact the EAP Coordinator?

      A. The EAP Coordinator provides information and referral services.  Employees can contact a coordinator as many times as they would like.

Q. How much time should I plan for my  EAP appointment?

      A. Appointments are not necessary but if you would like to meet face to face with an EAP Coordinator you are more than welcome to at any time during work hours.  It should only take a few minutes for the EAP Coordinator to provide you with resources and information.

Q. Under what circumstances with the EAP Coordinator refer me to a counselor or agency?

      A. The EAP Coordinator can call the St. Lawrence County Community Services Department to let them know that the employee would like to seek counseling through their agency.  In doing this the $10 insurance co-pay would be waived.

Q. When I receive a referral from the EAP Coordinator, do I pay for it and how?

      A. There is no charge for the EAP referral services.  Some referrals are no charge, e.g. self-help groups.  There may be affordable community services that charge based on your ability to pay.  Other services, e.g. private therapist and treatment centers, will generally bill you or your health insurance.  It is up to you to match your needs with the resources available.  If requested the EAP Coordinator can assist you with locating a service.

Q. Does EAP primarily help employees who may have psychological or chemical dependency problems?

     A. EAP helps employees deal with a variety of issues for example:

  • Adjusting to separation/divorce or being widowed
  • Financial/credit concerns
  • Housing issues
  • Learning to balance work and family
  • Needing elder care resources
  • Managing stress
  • Legal Services
  • Workshops


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