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As a resident of St. Lawrence County you are entitled to participate in this program. This program has been developed by your legislators to help lower the costs of medical services and prescription drugs for County residents. There is absolutely no charge to you or the County to belong to this program. This card was designed to be used if you do not have insurance or if something is not covered by your current insurance program. This card cannot be used in conjunction with another insurance program in order to discount your co-pays or deductible.

You must present the card that was mailed to you to your medical provider (physician or hospital) or to the pharmacy, in order to start enjoying the savings on your medical services and your new or current prescriptions. This card is ready to go and has been pre-activated.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q)   Does this program work like the Prescription Drug Discount Program?

Yes.  Based on the success of the Prescription Drug Discount Program, your County Legislators have developed this Program to allow you to receive discounts on physician, hospital and visions services.  The program works exactly the same as the Prescription Drug Discount Program.  When you receive any services from participating physicians, hospitals or vision providers, simply present the card at the time of service, pay your bill at the time of service, and receive discounts that can save you money and make it more affordable for you and your family to receive the medical care and prescription drugs that you need.

Q)   For Prescription Drugs, do I still use my old card?

This new card replaces the old Prescription Drug Card.  Please use this new card in place of your old Prescription Drug Card.  If you have not used the old Prescription Drug Card, use this card to save money on the prescription drugs that you buy.  You can also use this card to save money every time you go to a participating doctor, hospital or vision provider.  To get a list of the doctors, hospitals and vision providers that participate in this Program, please visit the St. Lawrence County website at

Q)   Can I still get my prescriptions through the mail?

Yes, with this discount card you will be allowed a 90 day supply at Health Direct Pharmacy Services, a division of Kinney Drugs. Please call 1-866-287-9885 with mail order questions.

Q) Who do I contact with questions?

If you have questions about using this card for any St. Lawrence County doctors or hospitals, please log onto the St. Lawrence County website at for any information about this program.  For questions regarding the prescription drug plan, your local pharmacy can help you with questions regarding the cost of a medication but if you need any additional information, contact ProAct, Inc. at 1-877-776-2285.

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