Census 2000

Summary File 1 Tables for St. Lawrence County

These Summary File 1 tables provide detailed data concerning population, age and sex, race, households and families by relationship and by type, housing occupancy, housing tenure and other data.  Each profile is a ten-page report; each report is comparable to other Summary File 1 tables for communities in the county or across the country.

These SF-1 profiles are the most-current Data available from the Census 2000 for St. Lawrence County and its communities.

Please note:  These Summary File 1 tables are based on town-level geography.  Villages wholly within one town are listed with that town; also listed is a separate table for the remainder of that town (the town outside of the village).

However, there are several villages and communities that are located in more than one town; these include:

  • Brasher Falls CDP (Census Designated Place) (located in the towns of Brasher and Stockholm)
  • Village of Massena  (located in the towns of Louisville, Massena and Norfolk)
  • Village of Norwood (located in the towns of Norfolk and Potsdam)
  • Star Lake CDP (Census Designated Place)  (located in the towns of Clifton and Fine)

In order to compile complete Summary File 1 information for these communities, the user must aggregate the data for all of the parts of each community.

Click here for information from the US Census Bureau about these Summary File 1 tables.

St. Lawrence County
Town of Brasher
    Brasher Falls CDP (part)
    Remainder, Town of Brasher
Town of Canton
    Village of Canton
    Village of Rensselaer Falls
    Remainder, Town of Canton
Town of Clare
Town of Clifton
    Star Lake CDP (part)
    Remainder, Town of Clifton
Town of Colton Town of DeKalb
    Village of Richville
    Remainder, Town of DeKalb
Town of DePeyster Town of Edwards
    Village of Edwards
    Remainder, Town of Edwards
Town of Fine
    Star Lake CDP (part)
    Remainder, Town of Fine
Town of Fowler Town of Gouverneur
    Village of Gouverneur
    Remainder, Town of Gouverneur
Town of Hammond
    Village of Hammond
    Remainder, Town of Hammond
Town of Hermon
    Village of Hermon
    Remainder, Town of Hermon
Town of Hopkinton Town of Lawrence
Town of Lisbon Town of Louisville
    Village of Massena (part)
    Remainder, Town of Louisville
Town of Macomb
Town of Madrid Town of Massena
    Village of Massena (part)
    Remainder, Town of Massena
Town of Morristown
    Village of Morristown
    Remainder, Town of Morristown
Town of Norfolk
    Norfolk CDP
    Village of Massena (part)
    Village of Norwood (part)
    Remainder, Town of Norfolk
City of Ogdensburg Town of Oswegatchie
    Village of Heuvelton
    Remainder, Town of Oswegatchie
Town of Parishville Town of Piercefield Town of Pierrepont
Town of Pitcairn Town of Potsdam
    Village of Norwood (part)
    Village of Potsdam
    Remainder, Town of Potsdam
Town of Rossie
Town of Russell Town of Stockholm
    Brasher Falls CDP (part)
    Remainder, Town of Stockholm
Town of Waddington
    Village of Waddington
    Remainder, Town of Waddington

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