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Throughout St. Lawrence County there are a variety of housing options available to either permanent or temporary residents. There are 49,721 housing units within the County, which include year-round units and vacant, seasonal and migratory units. Single-family homes make up the largest number of these. There are 34,040 single-family homes in St. Lawrence County.

Existing Housing (2000 Census)

Owner Occupied                                   28,606
Renter Occupied                                   11,900
Total Occupied                                      40,506

For Sale or Rent (Vacant)                        3,109
For Seasonal Use (Vacant)                     6,106
Total Vacant                                               9,215

Total Housing Units                               49,721

Home Ownership Housing Costs (2001)

Profile of an average sold residential (single family) property:

List Price                                                $70,483
Selling Price                                          $64,962
# of Bedrooms                                                   3
# of Bathrooms                                                  1
Average Square Footage                         1,667

Source: St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors

Owner-Occupied Housing (2000)

Median Value                                       $60,200

Renter-Occupied Housing (2000)

Median Rent                                              $428

Business Rental Property (1996)

Type of Business
Average Rental
Average Store (no utilities)
$400-$500 per month
Average Store on Main Street
(no utilities)
$400-$500 per month
(Approx. $6/sq.ft.)

Source: St. Lawrence County Real Estate Brokers

Profile of average business property sold (2001):

List Price                                  $74,809
Selling Price                            $65,909
Average Square Footage           3,641

Source: St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors

Cost of Land (1996)

Type of Land
Average Cost
100’ X 150’ village lot with sewer and water
$15,000 – 20,000
New subdivision village lot
$15,000 – 20,000
150’ frontage rural lot
$8,000 – 10,000
35 acres of rural land
$4,000 – 10,000

Source: St. Lawrence County Real Estate Brokers

Profile of average cost of land (2001):

List Price                                                $19,066
Selling Price                                          $16,266
Average Square Footage               .035 to 231

Source: St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors

Temporary Housing (1990 Census)

In St. Lawrence County there are 58 hotels and motels, plus inns and cottages to provide temporary housing. A total of 1,229 rooms with a total capacity of 4,205 persons are available through these 90 separate business establishments.

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